Colorado to California

This is what it looked like the day I left Colorado. 14 degrees and snowing. It seemed like 0 visibility, but clearly I don’t know about these things. We took off without a hitch.

IMG_1392 IMG_1393 IMG_1395 That’s my bright turquoise suitcase on the bottom of that stack. It’s ridiculous. But you truly can spot it out of a crowd easily. I had to find a bag that was light enough for me to max out my 50 pounds allotted for checked bags. It’s a back breaker. That’s what happens when you have to pack a suitcase for 4 months and 3 seasons of weather.

The transformation of sky and landscape to California was spectacular. Right above all that snow and fog was a clear blue sky. It’s always there. It’s always crystal clear above the weather in our lives.

IMG_2146IMG_2143IMG_2155IMG_2142IMG_2154IMG_2156IMG_2158IMG_2160IMG_2159IMG_2161IMG_2165IMG_2167IMG_2168And just like that, I’m back in California. Welcome home to me! And to my surprise (I don’t know why), I was transported directly from winter, to spring.

IMG_1430IMG_1446IMG_1441 (1)IMG_1442IMG_1445IMG_1435IMG_1432IMG_1471IMG_1473Everything here is green and blooming! How lucky am I? Plus, I get to be reunited with this one!

IMG_1438IMG_1469This is Rosie. I haven’t seen her since July. She was just 3 months old when I met her. Shortly after, my mother was in the hospital for a month and it was left to me to try to train her. Now she’s a year old and continues to be unbelievably cute. She could definitely use some more training, but I love her! So does my mom’s cat.


Here’s some family time. I ripped these off from my sister. This is from dinner last night, that’s my dad and my nephew Max…

1922508_10202518293332140_248325239_n 1376374_10202518216290214_186032533_n

So that’s what’s happening here. Dogs and cats. Lots of springtime. Watching 30 Rock and Lord of the Rings and the Bourne Identity series, again. Knitting, Brainstorming for private practice website. Visiting friends, hanging with family. Dreaming of tropical vacations. You know, really stressful stuff!

Trust me, I’m appreciating every moment of it!

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