Still Winter

IMG_2293When I arrived at Karme Choling, it was still winter.However as I write this post, there has clearly been a shift to spring. The ice banks are breaking and the river is flowing fast, the pond is more than half melted and the bright orange fish that have been under the ice are crowding the edges soaking in the sun. You can feel the sunshine warming your face and body and the spring breeze is fresh and crisp.

When I arrived in Boston on March 26th the temperature was resting somewhere in the 20’s. I had just arrived from California where Spring was full-blown. The sun had been shining and everything was glowing green. On the bus ride up to Vermont I found myself in a different world altogether. There were continued signs of winter with frozen lakes and landscapes, icicles frozen in time on the rocks lining the side of the road. At Karme Choling there was 3-4 feet of snow piled high all around the grounds. It was like I back tracked in time. I suppose in some ways I wasn’t ready for spring yet, like the animals in hibernation. I would have to wait it out a few more weeks before I got to experience the beginnings of a second Spring.




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