Hello Again!


Hello. I had forgotten about you once I settled into a new life of staying in one place.  I don’t think that means I have lost my inspiration, I think it has just turned another way. Outwards maybe, towards the community I live in, and the people I work with.

Three months at a land center feels like a lifetime. The last time I posted the mountains were green, orange, red and brown. The sun had a warm glow and the earth had been feeling its radiant heat for months, soaking it to the core. Since then, the mountains have turned white, the air is crisp and brisk, ice has formed and reformed, and the crunch of snow can be heard with each footstep. It’s winter. It’s winter in Vermont. I live in Vermont!

The other day someone I hadn’t seen in a long time asked me how I was doing. My answer was this:  Every minute is full of challenges and opportunities. Opportunities to open or close. To stretch, to retreat, sometimes to duck and cover, sometimes to spread my wings fully. To say goodbye over, and over, and over again. And to say hello, again.

Hello again!






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