Maha Thank You’s

IMG_3196Aw man. I have been thinking of writing this post for over a year.  I was able to be strong enough to quit my job, jump into the abyss and keep on flying for 17 months because of overwhelming love, support and encouragement I received along the way.

It’s amazing how much support you get when you do your best to truly follow your heart-which is NOT always an easy thing to do. I feel so unbelievably fortunate to have the people in my life that I do. During the last year it was others’ belief in me, their desire to support my happiness, and respect for my process that kept me going in times of doubt and struggle. It is because of small moments, ongoing relationships, new friends and mirror like wisdom along the way that I was able to have the most amazing year.

Here are as many thank you’s as I can think of. I know I have forgot some. They are not necessarily  in order of importance because you cannot place a value on how you have been touched by an act of kindness from someone, you just feel it in your heart and if you are lucky, radiate it back out to the world.

My family! Michael Bass & Marie Dobson, Lorena Laforest, Angelina, Philip and Max Williamson and Ezekiel Laforest. Rosie! You always wants the best for me and I am so incredibly lucky. I feel your support so deeply and truly know how lucky I am to have family who just wants to see me happy, and sometimes knows what that is better than I do. Each and every one of you!  Julie and Eric-Basically without your generosity, I would not have been able to have this year. Your driveway was the home to my car for many months, your basement was my storage, you fed me, provided unending emotional support, and showed me what a healthy marriage and family looks like. My heart is full! Emile– thank your for the iPod Nano, providing a soundtrack for many miles driven, letting me use your car for the month my mother was in the hospital which was so incredibly helpful, and for being a good friend. Grandma-you gifted me a miracle this year, without your help I couldn’t have managed as long as I did without a job, and I really needed the time off. Margo Dolan– Thanks for your laughter, confidence, encouragement.  Offering Bowl donators-you are amazing! My SMC family, My KCL family! I could name names, but there are so many. If you consider yourself among one of these families, you are included! Dona-Your couch, your family, Crystal cuteness! David Ball-You’re friendship, fun and laughter. John Beard, Dennis Southward, Jane Arthur for generosity and guidance , Emma Cramp for your free and encouraging spirit, Everyone I staffed programs with and for. My Los Angeles ladies, Sarah Calendar, Penelope Lewin, Lauren Mauher, Miranda Selwyn (and Emma and Dona previously mentioned) for your friendship and awesome camera that you gave me when I left LA which has documented this past year. Megan Winecoff, my sister in flight. Molly and Kelsey, my Colorado ladies. Peter Stewart for your heartfelt friendship. Evan Silverman and Shodie Lyon for opening the door to KCL where I eventually landed.

I know there are more. If you are reading this, there is no doubt that you are included because you are part of my journey. Basically, I am grateful for every single person who has been in my life.

You are all my teachers.



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