California and Back, Again

It’s been a while since i have posted any pictures or written any updates. I haven’t been that inspired as the last few months have been consumed with program and practice, internal process, and life decisions.

After spending six weeks at Shambhala Mountain Center in an often wet and leaky  tent, I can officially say that I hit my limit. It turns out when your done, you’re done. After 17 months of living on the road, unpacking and packing, sewing patches on my clothes, living out of bags, and sleeping on couches and unfamiliar beds; I’m ready for a home and a job. I know you didn’t think it was going to happen, but believe it or not I wasn’t planning on living this way forever!  I started this journey looking for a new home. I found two. But since you can only live in one place at a time, decisions had to be made.

A can tell you this, It’s been a wild ride!

So before I unpack again (for a while), it was time to visit friends and family in California and soak in the West one last time (for a while). I’ve done this trip before.  I started my journey with a trip from California to Colorado. This time I did it the other way around, and back again. I was a little less inspired to take pictures, but here’s a few to document the trip. I’ve got one more road trip to go before I reach my destination, and a new journey begins.

Stay tuned, I’m heading East.




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