The End of Dathun and the Beginning of a New Year

Stupa in the Snow

Stupa in the Snow


New Year's Aspirations

New Year’s Aspirations

Dathun is over and it’s a new year. Somewhere in the middle of it all, 2014 rolled through. I spent a lovely New Year’s Eve offering aspirations to the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya. See that one in the bowl that says “Patience with Uncertainty,” that one is not mine, but I think it’s a pretty good one, don’t you? Thank you to whoever wrote it.

I’m still at Shambhala Mountain Center and the the past few days I have been in basic recovery mode occupying myself mostly with breakfast, lunch and dinner, and some trips off the land. It’s been a nice reprieve to be able to stay here while working on the next plan. I find myself in the now familiar “in between,” waiting to see what will arise. All is up in the air and the practice of living in transition the last few months comes in handy at times like these. This is a continual practice of being patient, listening to my heart, and trusting my instincts. Easier said than done. I am definitely lost in some confusion right now, but I have a few options and I do trust that things will become clear…at some point.  In the meantime I get to listen to the wind howl and gaze at the moon.

White Ashe Moon

White Ashe Moon

Sun in Clouds

Sun in Clouds

Sacred Studies Building, Where I Spent the Last Month

Sacred Studies Building, Where I Spent the Last Month


On the Path

On the Path




3 thoughts on “The End of Dathun and the Beginning of a New Year

  1. Wendy

    Maybe, if we think about it, we are always in a state of transition, always coming and going in some way or another. Staying present is so hard sometimes, keeping my eye off of a future goal and just being here. I love your inspiring words and pictures and the honesty of your posts. Miss you lots.


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